Present Position of Legal Education in India

“Need to provide more practical opportunities to the law students so that they become familiar with the actual situation that is seen in the practical fields”.  Amardeep Singh

Amardeep Singh

Author: Amardeep Singh

LL.B. (4TH SEMESTER), Punjabi University, Patiala.

LawOF Campus Ambassador 

Present Position of Legal Education in India: 

Legal education is an education that enables us to the proper understanding of law or legal facts and their use. Thereis a rule that ignorance of fact is an excuse but ignorance of law is not an excuse, for that purpose it is relevant thatallcitizens of the country must know the law. This is the prime object of legal education. But here the word ‘legal education’ is used in a narrow sense. Here it means the education that is taken by a person with the aim to enter into the field of law as a professional or to serve with the help of law.

Nowadays, legal education is become a trend in India. No doubt knowledge of law is essential for all the citizens of the country. But, a race to enter in a legal profession is not considered as good in any sense. It degrades the standard of profession with irrelevant competition. Due to this competition sometimes the pleaders also misuse the provisions of law. Which is also a main reason for the development of White Collar Crimes; these crimes are basically generated with the education and its misuse.

Numbers of students enter into the various courses of law because the degree in Law equips you to enter into a wide range of fields. The students also opt this course because of the fame of this profession. They want to be the Lord of the Courts. The need of today is not to increase quantity but to become the quality Kings.

    Law profession was considered to be a loser’s choice for long in India. Even the time duration for a law degree is two years in 1960s, which is later on increased into three years in 1970s and with the passage of time five years integrated courses are also introduced to meet the demand of today. But, if we look at the present scenario the situation is totally different, almost each one out of twenty students want to enter into the legal profession by getting the legal education. There is a vast choice for law graduates to enter into various fields. One can specialise in any of the fields of law to practise as an
Advocate and become master of his own or can become a public prosecutor or one can enter into judicial services through state level tests or one can become J.A.G. (Judge Advocate General) and serve the army or one can become a law officer in a Company or can enter into a teaching profession etc.

The present education system provide lots of opportunities to the law students in this regard like it provide mooting experience, practical experience through many visits, seminars and internship programs. The further need is to provide information or to originate new courses in the field of:

  • Sports Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Air and Space Law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Computing & Private Information Law etc.

There is also a need to provide more practical opportunities to the law students so that they become familiar with the actual situation that is seen in the practical fields. The current legal education system in India basically provides theoretical knowledge in the four walls of the classrooms, which is totally different from courts. No Doubt, there are various practical things that are provided to the law students as the part of their course. But these practical aspects are not seems to be enough to meet the demands of the profession. The areas of law need lots of practical experience.

“There is a need to change some of the aspects of the present legal education system so that the education system can generate Quality Kings and not the Kings in quantity“.





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