The most difficult part of school and college life for a student is definitely waking up early. The sound of the morning alarm and mother’s loud calls cannot be missed in any household. But, somewhere each of us has a specific reason to look forward to and because of which we cannot miss a single day of college. It may be a favorite teacher, a favorite friend or most simply as it was for me, a favorite subject. Studying in Law School we learn numerous subjects each semester but nothing that caught my interest as much as or made me curious then that what ‘constitutional law’ did to me.

‘Constitution’ as big is the word so is bigger the book. One of the scariest and most complex subjects, also being the nightmare for most students. What I believed was to have an open mind and positive outlook towards the subject which helped immensely through my initial fears. As I began skimming through I realized that constitution is like a living body, governing, advocating and defining all the principles of daily life. It is a beautiful embodiment of rights, powers and rules without which mere existence and meaning of human life could have never been found. The vision of its draftsmen was so wide that years ago they could foresee the times when absolute power of the government could be risk, when freedom of citizens could be at stake and when democracy could go hay-wire the solution to its problems could lie in a book. No doubt, it is the largest written document in the world because its application and practice has given India a platform to mold into a civilized, federal and democratic nation free from the clutches of monarchy. Justice is served through constitution as each individual has his own right to life, to liberty and to stand and fight for truth through the courts. The backward or underprivileged class that we call, have now gained recognition and are secured through various policies, rules and reservations as stated under the constitution. It is true to say that not only citizens of India but also our ‘alien friends’ have a right to be protected from unjust , biased sanctions.

Studying this subject has made me realize the intricacies involved in the governing of a nation and has also left me awestruck at times where the articles are so beautifully written to express the right views and promote the motto of sovereignty, secularism and fraternity as described in the Preamble. The lifeline of Indian people, Article 21, has been and is still continuing to be the core and cream of guidance to define human life as something but not mere animal existence. There are times when I have thought about the situation in India if this document would have not been there and all that I have seen was only violence, monarchy, injustice and lack of faith. The faith that we citizens have in the judiciary is kept alive only through enforcement of this document. The evolution of the Constitution, it amendment to suit the current needs and its basic structure are the precious jewels this country has been gifted with. My professors have toiled hard to convey and explain this intricate beaded structure to us students and each of us have indeed taken it very positively. The flame of constitution is that which will burn for generations to come. A layman too can anytime look and flip through its pages to understand the working, control and formation of our parliament, its houses, the hierarchy of courts and its juristic powers. It is the primary duty of every law practitioner to comprehend and follow the constitution in his life. It is nothing but the Constitution that is indeed our Bible, Gita or Quran.  This subject has given me a new meaning to the application and existence of law. It has made me but proud to call myself an Advocate in the future years to come. Studying this subject has been like a storybook where every article has something new to teach and express. It is said everything ages with time but I do not think that this piece of heritage shall ever become old. Even if it does it would still be gold. My salute and respect goes out to all its makers who have brainstormed day and night in its process and given India its roots of existence and glory. May the light of this divine work continue to shine for decades to come.

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