What are the Advantages Of Studying In National Law Universities? BY Gaurangi Gupta

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By Gaurangi Gupta, Law Student, The Northcap University formerly known as ITM University

I might not be a student of a National Law University but I definitely know what the culture is. Since national law universities have given so many competent lawyers in the making both in litigation as well as in corporate sectors, that it has made a reputation of its own leading to a good brand name with an excellent goodwill. High standards of the college wholly and solely depend upon the students and the teachers. These institutions are running for years and they have truly treasured their teachers, so the students get their experience and utilize it.

Also because of the brand name placements have been right on point. Top tier firms like Amarchand Mangaldas, Khetan , AZB and others also prefer students from the National law universities rather than any university. So studying in a National law universities brings in an opportunity of a better placement than any other law school.

National law university Delhi for instance provides quality education from the teachers studied from reputed colleges like Harvard and Yale university, which facilitates student-teacher exposure to the greatest level.  Students are able to communicate from these teachers of great intellect.

As students are selected from a common law entrance for the admission in these National Law Universities, the quality of students are also high end because they have fought an examination and have earned it.

Also the longing years of the institution, have also contributed to books of great authors and the library which indeed helps in the research studies as well as in various moot competitions and debates.

Clearly, law schools are a battleground now. There are several interested students who will like to see their future through these law schools. And for that they need to choose the best of best. So here are some of the pros that the students can refer.





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