Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Faculty of Law, Mody University

AYUSHI SHARMA, Student of Law,  Faculty of law, Mody University 



  1. There are no taboos as to what a girl can do and what she cannot. Since there are only girls around, they are everywhere, from the home science lab to the football ground.
  2. The school is like a sanctuary. The environment is a lot like that of a The school becomes a place where the girls learn about the femininity in them without feeling inferior to any masculine force whatsoever.
  3. All students are biological similar, thus the pedagogy can be implemented uniformly. It becomes easier for the administration and teaching staff to focus on the girls more effectively since there is no segregation required.
  4. As according to my 12th percentage I think this is the best college to whom I can explore more according to my capabilities.
  5. I don’t want to take admission outside So I found this university the most suitable university in Rajasthan.
  6. The faculty over here are not only experienced, competent, and qualified but are also sincerely committed to inspire and groom the students inside and outside of the classrooms.


  1. An ‘all girls’ environment is beneficial in many ways, but one major drawback is the minimum interaction with the other sex. Studying with boys can develop a sense of respect for the other sex from an early age. This sometimes creates difficulties for girls when they move out of school.
  2. Studying along with boys gives the girls an understanding of the real world and helps her to understand how the society will be outside the gates of the school. The perspective developed in an all-girls school might be biased.
  3. You don’t get to interact with guys on a day-to-day basis. This might make your development very one-sided.
  4. One more major drawback is that there is no off campus recruitment provided to students in law faculty.



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