3rd International Conference on Criminal Justice System @Amity Law School, Gurugram.[Nov 8-9]. Register by Sep 30.

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3rd International Conference on Criminal Justice System

@Amity Law School, Gurugram.[Nov 8-9].

Register by Sep 30.



Amity Law School, Gurugram proudly announces its two-day International Conference on the theme “Criminal Justice System: National and International Perspectives” which aims to provide a platform and bring together students, practitioners, academicians, researchers, media persons and other stakeholders to put forward their research and develop a better understanding on a wide range of sub-themes.


The Indian Criminal Justice System, along with most Criminal Justice Systems, focuses on establishing the offender’s guilt and punishing the offender in the name of justice, fairness, deterrence and safety. However, this viewpoint has been considered by many Criminologists and Jurists as being too narrow. A Criminal Justice System, according to them, should be one which can resolve human conflict and restore peace and order. Deliverance of justice has seen a paradigm shift, from Punitive Justice to Restorative Justice.

Criminal Justice System reorganization is one zealous task for intellectuals and policy makers. Though, society has undergone a sea change due to advent of Information Technology, Globalization and transformative Constitutional Jurisprudence, Criminal Law barring few changes, has remained as a reflection of colonial vestige. Although the various Criminal Justice System components have made significant efforts to deal with this issue, these have occurred very much in sectorial isolation.

THEME – Criminal Justice System: National and International Perspective


Theme 1: Criminal Justice Administration

  1. Role of Investigating Agencies in Criminal Justice Administration
  2. Judiciary and its role in the Development of an Efficient Criminal Justice System
  3. Criminal Justice and Legislative Reforms in Criminal Law.

Theme 2: Reforms in Criminal Law on the touchstone of Constitutional Provisions

  1. Death Penalty in an emerging environment of Restorative Justice
  2. Solitary Confinement: A Constitutional Dilemma
  3. Constitutional Validity of Laws dealing with Juvenile Delinquency
  • Theme 3: Human rights in context of Criminal Justice
  1. Terrorism: A need of Effective International laws
  2. Crimes against Humanity and Refugees Law
  3. International Crimes and Extradition
  • Theme 4: Efficacy of Criminal Justice System to curb Corporate Crimes
  1. Corporate Criminal Liability and Punishment
  2. Global Implication of Economic Crimes
  3. Role of International Organisations in Prevention of Corporate Crimes


We cordially invite Articles and Research Papers on the Theme and Sub-Themes from academicians, researchers, advocates, students pursuing law or any other academic degree as well as stakeholders in this sector to contribute towards shaping the International Conference by their submissions.

All submitted Conference Papers would be peer-reviewed by Review Committee and the selected Papers would be published in a UGC Indexed Law Journal.


The participants are required to fill the Pre-Registration Form before sending the Abstract. Click Here To Fill the Pre-registration form for Abstract Submission

  • Each participant should register individually.
  • After selection of Abstract, participants have to fill the Registration Form (to be provided after selection) and send a scanned copy of the same to AUH at  [email protected]
  • The Registration shall be confirmed and communicated only after the recei­­­­­­­­­­pt of the scanned copy of the duly filled Registration Form along with the payment of the Registration Fee.
  • The softcopy of Registration Form and Paper should be submitted to [email protected] The subject of the e-mail must be “Submission for International Conference.”


  • The language for the Paper and Conference shall be English.
  • Co-authorship is allowed, subject to a limit of two Authors.
  • In the case of Co-authorship, both the Authors are required to register individually.
  • The maximum word limit for the Abstract is 300 words.
  • Full Paper should not exceed 5000 words.
  • Author(s), Name(s), University/Organization, Paper Title, E-mail ID, Mobile Number must be clearly stated on the cover page.
  • Relevant Keywords are to be mentioned in Abstracts.
  • All the Papers are subject to strict plagiarism check and any unattributed work is liable to be rejected.


  1. Last Date for Pre-registration for Abstract submission – 30th September 2019
  2. Last Date for Submission of Abstract – 10th October 2019
  3. Notification of Selection of Abstracts – 12th October 2019
  4. Last Date for Registration & Fee payment – 20th October 2019
  5. Submission of Full Paper – 30th October 2019
  6. Date of Conference – 08th – 09th November 2019


  • For Academicians, Researchers, Advocates etc.  (Without Accommodation): Rs 2500
  • For Academicians, Researchers, Advocates etc.  (With Accommodation): Rs 3000
  • For Students (With Accommodation): Rs 3000
  • For Students (Without Accommodation): Rs 2000
  • Foreign Nationals:  For Academicians, Researchers, Advocates etc.  $100 (USD)
  • Foreign Nationals:  Students: $70 (USD)
  • For registration and Participation (In absentia): Rs 3000

* Hostel Accommodation inside the campus is compulsory for Foreign National Students and the same will be given to National Students on first come first serve basis.


Amity Law School, Amity University, Haryana

Email ID: [email protected]
Faculty Convener: Mr. Pranshul Pathak: +91-9717791230
Faculty Co-convener: Mr. Atul Jain: +91-8800264742
Organizing Secretary: Ms. Monica Yadav: +91-9810706394
Student Conveners:
Manmay Mridul: +91-9560774877
Himanshu Saini: +91-9643540042
Student Co-Convener: Muskan Shrivastava: +91-9891505110


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