A Step Towards Ending

By Sudhanshu Singh

About Author:

Mechanical Engineering graduate. Writes motivational as well as Romantic Poetries, Shayari, Short Stories, all of this in both languages, English as well as in Hindi. Like to workout, fitness freak, Theatre geek, can play leads on guitar. Performs in poetry events.

It’s the end which I have seen in my dreams,
And it’s the beginning,
where I’m standing right now thinking,
that the step I’m going to take,
Will it bring good luck to me or not?

Because I’m very much concern about the victory,
And failure? Of course not,
Who wants a failure in their life?

Look at the people ruling the world right now,
Do you think that they have failed even for once?
I don’t think so,
Just have a look at their bank balance;

Now I think that I’m looking at the bigger picture of success, fraternity, wealthiness and happiness;
And now I’m going to get all these,
Just by falling into their footsteps,

Who can stop me now?
Who is going to even dare;
I’ll kick everyone’s arses,
because now I know the Mantra of Success players;

Now I was ready to begin,
As of now, I was ready to begin,
Now I was ready to fit in,
Now I was fueling myself,
to take those giant steps which actually didn’t come from within;

Oh! Suddenly why I started shivering?
Why is everything shattering?
And suddenly, my dreams are now in a shredder;
Each part coming out of it,
Is shredded into fine pieces;

And suddenly a strong wind started blowing,
Carried away, even the leftover parts of my dream from my hands;

Now I’m again in a dilemma,
Standing at the very beginning with only myself,
With no flow charts to looking at;

Enough of research,
Enough of thinking,
Enough of fear,
And Enough of heart beatings;

But now, I have to breathe,
In open wind, in the open sky,
Shining right away on my chin;

now I have to take this step blindly,
And, no matter where it is going to fall;
I’ll have my another foot behind me-2,
To hold me from the fall;

So, now I don’t need anyone,
I’m having myself for me,
Mugging up,
To take all the steps, till the end,
from the very first beginning.

P.S.~ “Motivation Comes From You”


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