27 October 2018

‘A nation does not become great by how it treats it’s elite class citizens but it become great when it treats it’s prisoners in the respected manner’ keeping these words of Nelson Mandela Into Legal World a reputed legal firm successfully conducted it’s 2nd National Seminar on the topic ‘Save Prisoners From Injustice’.

The topic is one of unique topics which enables the academicians, jurists and student to swim through the knowledge of plight of prisoners. This Seminar includes paper presentation on this topic and various academician and jurist from all over India took part in this truly enlightening issue. In present era where one’s mind do not think about it  and we often overlook the problems face by our prisoners but team of Into Legal World in association with Institute of Legal Studies of Sri Ram Swaroop University with sponsorship with HSJ and under the leadership of Into Legal World’s Executive Director  Ms. Richa Shukla and Founder Director Mr. Amaresh Patel successfully help in the meeting of intellectual minds in the vicinity of Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial University. The event was graced by Hon’ble Law Minister of U.P. Brajesh Pathak who was admiring Into Legal World for taking up this vital issue, he was also keen for helping all those undertrial prisoners whose cases are still pending and they have been unnecessary in prison in fact a list of cases will also be submitted to him so that he can do the needful such gesture by a Minister makes our believe in humanity and good people in politics strong.

This event becomes more auspicious with the benign presence of Hon’ble U.P Cabinet Minister of Family and Child welfare and Tourism Smt Rita Bahuguna Joshi, she throws the light upon delay in trials of  prisoners over petty offences, conditions of progeny who are born in jails, her humanitarian and knowledgeable words make the Seminar more worthy. Many honourable guest mark their presence in this sensitive seminar among these guest were Judge S.S. Upadhyay Legal Advisor to Governor, U.P. who with his immense knowledge gives the detailed analysis and different perspective on this issue along with him was Justice Rang Nath Pandey (High Court, Allahabad , Lucknow Bench) Justice V.K. Tayagi, (High Court, Allahabad , Lucknow Bench) Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Bhatnagar, (VC, Dr. RMLNLU) Prof. (Dr.) Meera Singh (Head, Entrepreneurship Cell, Amity University, Lucknow), Ex. IAS officer Diwarkar Tripathi, Adv Shiv Prakash Mishra ‘Senani who told persistently about the plight of Undertrials who have infact crossed their prescribe punishment and who have been granted bail but due to insufficient money  they are unable to free themselves.

Over 50 students presented their papers and nearly 150 submitted their research paper. Among these Sakshi Tiwari becomes best presenter who got trophy and a 10,000 Rs award and runner up was Disha Dheeman who also got trophy and 10,000 Rs and same prize for second runner up Anwesh Ghosh and top 5 researchers will receive certificates and cash prize worth Rs 2000 after final declaration of winners within a month by Editorial Board. Along with this 2 books were launched in the presence of Hon’ble Minister Smt Rita bhauguna Joshi ji and books were Legal Notes on Law of Evidence by Advocate Prakarsh Pandey and An Introspection into corporate criminal liability in India by Anwesha Ghosh. This event does not come to end with this seminar only but it is extended to filing of PIL by Suiji Juris Law Firms through compilation of all the research articles received in this seminar which will henceforth bring the true justice to all the undertrials who are facing unnecessary problems due to maladministration and various constraint. This came to end of the event with joyous feeling and spirit of not every prisoner is a criminal was taken by each intellect from this seminar and will be carried forever.


group photo 2

Group Photo

Brajesh Pathak ji croped

Hon’ble Law Minister Brajesh Pathak has promised to solve the cases presented to him and deliver whatever is just by rule of law.
We thank you for taking such a step to bring light into the life of forsaken prisoners.

rita ji

Hon’ble (Women and Child Welfare) Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi has promised to look into juvinile cases and the condition of women prisoners personally and bring justice to them.

Entire Legal Fraternity will be thankful of her for taking such step to solve case, otherwise which would have been ignorant.

 Prof s k bhatnagar

Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Bhatnagar 

meera maam richa

Prof. (Dr.) Meera Singh,
Head, Entrepreneurship Cell,
Amity University, Lucknow Campus

Directors, Into Legal World

Directors of Into Legal World

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