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India is witnessing a slow but steady change of Human development in 21st Century at a  Multi-Sectoral level. However there is a long road ahead to witnessing tangible transformation of society. In particular, Human resource is an important factor impacting development either positively or negatively. Huge but under-developed human development is a burden on the economy of any nation but on the contrary it can be a critical factor that can propel the nation towards growth and development trajectory when it is youthful and qualitatively improved upon.

Progress in human development has been impressive over the past 25 years. People now live longer, more children are in school and more people have access to basic social services. The Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals—global commitments at the turn of the century to end basic human deprivations within 15 years—added to the momentum. Yet human development has been uneven, and human deprivations persist. Progress has bypassed groups, communities, societies—and people have been left out. Some have achieved only the basics of human development, and some not even that. And new development challenges have emerged, ranging from inequalities to climate change, from epidemics to desperate migration, from conflicts to violent extremism.

This seminar will serve as a platform for students, research scholars and academicians from all over the country/globe to come forward to reflect upon the theme and present papers on the sub themes provided. The presentation of papers will be thematically divided and the same will be chaired by an expert. This will be followed by a valedictory.


With an objective of imbibing academic excellence, upholding and maintaining the ethical values under the umbrella of joint venture between IIMT GROUP OF COLLEGES and INDEPENDENT THOUGHT(NGO), New Delhi, the national seminar on ‘Human development in the 21st century: Issues and Challenges of Multi-Sectoral approaches’ is being proposed to be conducted It aims at enriching knowledge, skills, attitudes and self-beliefs, so as to enable students/ academicians/experts of the field/law researchers and general public to be successful in acquiring exposure to the recent trends concerning the issue.


Original research papers from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars and Academicians in the field of law, social sciences, management are invited for presentation of their papers at the Seminar on the following themes

  • Gender discrimination: International and Domestic law framework
  • Enforcement of the rights of women, children and other marginalized persons under UN stewardship: International Law Review
  • Indian Women and Claims for Entrepreneurship: Recent Constitutional Trends
  • Review of the status of SC/ST/OBC and Minority women’s role in Parliamentary Democracy of India
  • Working, matrimonial and social security claims of Indian women: contemporary Issues
  • Status of the constitutional mandate favoring Indian women to work under safer socio-legal environment: A Constitution Law Review
  • Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation and Human Trafficking: contemporary global and domestic Law Concerns
  • Persons with Disabilities Act 1955: Review of the Enactment, Enforcement and Efficacy
  • Bonded Labour, Begging and Sexual Molestation of Children in India: Problems and Perspectives
  • Status of Women and Conflict of Laws: Divorce, adoption and matrimonial maintenance issues
  • Role of Information technology on Human Resources Management etc
  • Threat of climate change on intergenerational equity
  • Empowerment of women for Sexual Harassment at workplace
  • Digital Economy: challenges of Digital literacy, Privacy & Security
  • Health, Hygiene and nutrition of girls and women, especially pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Sustainable agriculture for food security and better environment
  • Increasing threats of Wars, proxy wars and terrorism
  • Prevention of substance abuse, delinquency and homelessness
  • Good Governance in India: Initiative, Challenges & prospects
  • Threat of illegal markets of human trafficking and prostitution


Participants intending to attend the Seminar and present papers are requested to submit soft copy of the abstract incorporating the motivation, method of solution and important findings of their investigation to with the subject line – ‘Human development in 21st century: Issues and Challenges of Multi-Sectoral approaches’

  • Word Limit for the Session Proposal: 300-350 words.
  • Word Limit for the Full paper: up to 3000 words.
  • It must be typed using MS Word in Times New Roman Font Size 12 on A4 size paper with a margin of 1” on all sides and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Kindly mention the title of the session proposal along with details of coauthor (if any)
  • Kindly mention complete details of both the authors (i.e. Name, Institute name, Designation, Email ID etc.).
  • Bluebook should be strictly adhered for citation in the research paper.

* Publication is not mandatory. Those participants who are interested in publishing their papers in the Independent Thought ISBN e-Journal can do so by making a payment of Rs. 500 per paper.


Indian Delegates

  • Students  : INR 200/-
  • Research Scholars : INR 400/-
  • Academicians         : INR 600/-

International Delegates

  • Students : $20


  • e-Journal – INR 500/- (per paper)

*Fee amount for co-author will be same as the author

  • Non attending delegates (co-authors) fee : INR 200/-(If need separate certificate)

*Fee amount for one night Stay with meal: INR 500/-

Note :

  • Mode of payment will be mailed to the participants after selection of their session proposal please choose the feasible option. Along with your Registration form do not forget to attach the Pay-In-Slip/Receipt of Payment/Online Transaction Proof.
  • Certificates will be awarded to all people including Non presenters but attendees.
  • Co-Author have to register separately (Maximum two co authors allowed).


  • Last Date for submission of Session Proposal: 25th March 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance (after review) will be served 7 working days after the receipt of your abstract/session proposal
  • Last Date for submission of full paper: 25st March 2019
  • Last Date for registration and payment of fee: 26th February 2019
  • Last date of payment for publishing : 28th February 2019



Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi

Phone number- 9560357736


Mr. Manish kumar Attry (9997285595)

Ms. Kaushiki Roy (9555384501)


Registration link – CLICK HERE

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