Interview with Mr Pramod Kumar Sharma, Advocate, Ranchi High Court and District Courts  (By Shubhangi Sharma, 3rd Year Law Student at Lloyd Law College, Gr. Noida)



Name: Pramod Kumar Sharma


Email id:NA

Contact Details: 9386357885 

  • Sir, as being a law practitioner, how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Your Answer: Welcome to the world of law where you have to prove yourself in every step.

  • What inspired you to join law, were you able to satisfy yourself inspiration.

Your Answer: It was a desire to serve the community and to be part of our justice system. I’d always been interested in pursuing criminal law and practicing as a lawyer.

  • How was your law school journey?

Your Answer: It was great and helpful too. The debating and mooting skills are helping me a lot. My law school was a bigger step towards the legal world.

  • What are the opportunities that are open today for legal practitioners? How does one grow in this noble profession?

Your Answer: As you all know that law is a very vast profession and there is a lot of options to contribute in the legal system

  • What’s the best thing about your job?

        Your Answer: Satisfaction, Patience in me and most important the Respect which I had earned till now.

  • Sir, according to you what is the importance of Mooting, Publication and Internships in a law student life?

Your Answer : These are the basics just like grammar in English language.  It gives us the practical knowledge of the legal system.

  • What is the one thing that keeps you going?

Your Answer: The Respect and satisfaction..

  • Law profession demands a lot of attention and determination and also sleepless nights, what are those thoughts, the ideas which you had in the initial days of your struggle which never let you sleep?

Your Answer: The reason you’re going through what you’re going through is to receive the things you’ve been praying for.

  • The best experience and a success habit you would like to share as a student for our readers that would encourage them.

Your Answer: Try to give your best, trust me you will get the desired result. And the most important is to grab the opportunities and to be patient because in legal field everyone will check your patience.

  • What would you suggest for the students who are new to the law profession and those who are graduating?

Your Answer: Always be confident not arrogant.

  • What according to you should be the prime concern for law students?

Your Answer: Extra curricular activities like mooting, debating, research etc are most important. Don’t ran after grades , try to increase your knowledge .

  • What would be your message to the Law students to encourage them and to grow them in their personal as well as professional lives?

Your Answer: Be practical not emotional.

  • Please share the golden rules of your life which brought you here so that the students can gain from the useful insight and can be inspired by you.

Your Answer: Always ask ‘why’ from yourself. This will help you to get out of any situation.

  • Any quotation from your experience?

Your Answer: Words are the weapons of a lawyer. So, be careful with your words.

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