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: Fundraiser @ Legal Aid Centre:

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About Legal Aid Centre:

At Legal Aid Centre, we are a group of dedicated advocates who believe in the principles of providing honest free legal opinion which would support our social responsible cause, as our objective is to empower people of their legal rights who face legal situations. As a common man we understand the pain and the suffering each individual goes through facing a legal situation, so getting an honest opinion would help you to decide and choose the right path for your legal situation.

About Internship

The role of a Fundraiser is to raise awareness about Legal Aid Centre to people on the street, at public places, offices, on phone and inspire them to contribute funds and become financial supporters of Legal Aid Centre.


  • Student pursuing three year or five year law course or any other course from a recognized institution.
  • Any experience in organizing/managing/directing/volunteering with educational, technical or cultural event (preferably)
  • Duration

    2 months

How to apply?

Send in your up-to-date curriculum vitae to mail along with a statement of purpose to


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