Essence of Smart Phone In Present The Present Era[1] 

BY Suyogya Awasthy,3rd Year Law Student, DSNLU

It’s hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which so many developed so close a relationship so quickly as we have with our phones.

                                                                                    Nancy Gibbs

“I was late for court and I was having a heart in the first half and suddenly my associate calls me regarding the printout of the particular paper that is to be attached in the Annexure but as I had my Nokia Lumia 620, I mailed him that document instantly and realized the importance of my smartphone today.”

As we say that ‘Lemon is a sine qua non to make lemonade’ same as a smart phone is an essential thing for anyone. The world today is getting so advanced that our life is incomplete without that we can’t even think of our survival without them whether it be home, office, out of town or on a family trip.

It’s like these advanced technologies had made humans their slaves, which shows that without them one is incomplete, no matter how much we deny, but in the end we have to accept this bitter truth.

One cannot move out of his or her own house without his Smartphone as it becomes so much important thing in their life after their family because it carries almost each and everything from meeting schedules to memories that are captured by them. We can say that it is a substitute for a laptop as smartphone can be carried in their pant pocket.

It’s not only useful for professionals but also for everyone because it makes you so many things much easier which anyone could just imagine as it provides one with so many functions and apps where one can never get bored of.

There is everything in it from booking movie tickets, paying bills, flight/train tickets to e-newspapers, ebooks, live news, live TV. , bare acts  (for law students), various apps for students who are preparing themselves competitive exams, one can entertain themselves by storing their favorite movie and songs in their playlists and most important thing that is the live global positioning system (GPS for the people who are new to any place where they don’t knew the directions for their destinations as well.

It has made the life of an individual much easier that the humans depend much on the technology then anyone else. The finest thing this is that anyone can buy them as it comes in different ranges which can be afforded by any individual because those times are gone when you used to work on button phone, it’s the time for touch screen phones. It saves one time and allows the users to get them connected across the country with messenger apps such as wasp, fiber, we chat, Skype, which allows you to make free video calls as well as calls with just having internet pack or wifi in your place and you also connect with the social media too.

Some people blame the smartphones because it has stopped the human mind to think creatively because whatever they want is present in a single search, but we cannot blame the Smartphone for this particular reason like everything has its pro and cons where critics are always ready with their opinions. When you can’t expect a human being to be perfect, then how you can blame the smartphones to be perfect as well because it’s the creation of human mind only.

[1] Suyogya Awasthy,3rd Year Law Student,DSNLU






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