Author: Prashant Kumar Singh, LL.B-2nd Year

Hello In my first article, I introduced about what is cyber law and related offences and my next article is also based on cyber crimes.

Guys you all know better about the new technologies, telecommunication and all electronic gadgets. In today’s world every one using smart phones, tabs and PC/laptops. It can be said this are growing day by day and it is very difficult to find out what is actually a cyber crime and what is the conventional crime so to come out of this confusion, it is classified under different categories some are as follows:



With this name “Hacking” everyone one well knows about this in the general concept it means unauthorized control and access over computer system or any electronic devices which is being used in the personal manner well, Hacking is very big concept in the world of cyber law it can’t be explained above. Hacking usually hacks telecommunication and mobile networks.


It is a criminal offence. It contains the sexual exploitation and other abuse of children here child define “Minor” means under the age of 18 child pornography is engaging child in sexually explicit conduct like visual depiction including photographs film, mechanical, or other means the main problematic with the rise of the internet and its ability.


Mostly people always see that SMS comes from unknown source or unwanted uninvited messages which means spam. It is mostly done in mobile phones and personal digital assistants SMS spoofing may be send for legitimate usage like message send by the company name which person see that message send by the alphabetical manners or may be sometimes alphanumeric text and illegitimate usage such as impersonality another person, company or product.


It is amongst the gravest cybercrimes known till date. It is very strange that unknown person or unauthorized person break your security of your computer or any electronic gadgetswithout having the knowledge and consent to that person and has tampered with precious confidential data and Information.


The fear creates through use of electronic communication technology like Internet, email,SMS,MMS, Webcam, Websites and Videos it may be expressed or implied it can be treated in both ways said to be cyber Stalking.



As we know now-a-days rapid use of computers technology whether minor or major all are well qualified in computer knowledge and comfortable in trade, purchase, sale is done online by a many different commercial sites, some crimes which is against persons of the property are –


While using of computers or smart phones there is always a fear of virus all says, if virus entered to your computer, they hits badly and corrupt many files which is safelystored in the HDD (Hard disk Drive). I want to explain that what is called Virus?

Virus is actually not the insects or germs. Virus is in the form of coded file it can be of .bat extension generally develop for batch files, .txt it is normal text files and sometime Auto run files which run automatically and execute files inside it without any external instructions given by users. This file carries some harmful information as per what is written in language code inside the file. They multiplies and corrupt the files when the other windows open in the computer. Virus can be of two types and have more:-

Worm – Which multiplies the files within it and it effects the whole folders or files.

Trojan- This is another type virus called Trojan it is very dangerous because when Trojan renters into the system it not multiplies the files and folders instead of it fully corrupt the folders which is further not usable.


It can be said like hacking without the permission or authorization of the owner of the computers anyone enters and access your computer. The resultants data may be alter, misuse or damage data of system by using wireless internet connections.


Vandalism means destroying, deleting or damaging the property of another. It cause physical harm to the computers. It can be said like thefting of the computer peripheral devices or some computers parts.


Cyber Squatting can be explain in very simple words that claiming the same domain name by two persons which is already assigned and registered to others like and


It consists of a bundle of rights any harmful act due to which owner is deprived completely or partially of his rights is an offences.

Some Crimes are:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Patents
  • Design
  • Service Mark violation
  • Theft of computers source coda etc.











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